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Thirst has won me over

So I finished Thirst by Christopher Pike. It contains the first three books in The Last Vampire Series. I wasn't impressed at first but grew to like the books. The main character, Alisa or Lara(she has multiple names), whose real name is actually Sita, is very hard core. She has to be to survive hidden in the world, seeing as shes been in it since the beginning, she was born 5000 years ago. The author is very good at tying up the loose ends and at answering all of the questions I had as the books went on. He was good about spacing everything out so that I stayed hooked. It has a lot of the feel of numerous books from now a day, but of course it came out many years before most of the books on my shelf did(1994 to be exact.) I fell in love with most of the characters, the good ones at least, and even a bad one turned good. It definately had its sad parts, this is'nt some sappy vampire tale. I will definately be picking up Thirst No.2, which contains the fourth through sixth books in the series, when they come out together in January.



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