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The perfect Christmas!!!

                   (a picture of my dad in Iraq, he works on those things!!!)

I am so happy right now. This Christmas was made perfect by the arrival of my dad last night. He's been over in Iraq, working as a Field Service Rep. We originally didn't think he would be home until January 4th but we're lucky enough to have him home early. He had a tough five days of travel to make it here, but he's here and thats all that matters. He's only home for three weeks unfortunately and then he goes back to Iraq until sometime in the middle of 2010. He is starting his own blog to record what goes on over there so if anyone is interested his page will be this: A Place in the Sun He doesn't have any posts yet and we are still working on his profile but I think once he starts actually posting when he goes back it will be quite interesting to hear whats happening and to see some pictures.

Sherry <3


Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Aww, yay! Hope you have a great holiday season. :)

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