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A re-read and a new song!

I have read Twilight numerous times. I have read New Moon at least three times and Breaking Dawn at least seven. I know, i'm pathetic. I was sitting here earlier thinking about how I have only read Eclipse once. For some reason, one that I am not aware of so don't ask, it is my least favorite of the Twilight Saga. Anyways the point of this little story is that I grabbed a copy of it off my shelf, yes I say a copy because I have more than one of each of the books, and started reading it. Big mistake because I only have like 50 books on my shelf I still haven't read and now I am going to have to stay up all night reading this because now that I started it I can't stop. I also have a show on at 9, Gossip Girl(im addicted), so that takes an hour out of my time! Chances are after I finish this, that i'll want to read Breaking Dawn again.... Rediculous. I guess I can't get too mad because I do love these books... :)

I also have this new song stuck in my head, the tune is what is catchy more than the lyrics and I keep humming it. It's called Lisztomania by Phoenix. This is the second song i've heard from them, the first I absolutely loved too so I think their album is one I am going to have to pick up. The song should be in the bottom of my playlist at the bottom of the page so check it out if you have a couple free minutes!

I am still fairly new at this blogging thing, so anyone reading this that has been doing this a while that perhaps has some ideas on how to make my blog better or more enjoyable in any way please don't hesitate to help out, and I will thank you generously!!!

Sherry <3


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