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A couple concert photos!

I don't know if any of you have heard of the band Cracker(they're great by the way), but I went and saw them Tuesday night at this place called Revolution Hall in Troy, NY. The show was awesome! A band called Camper Van Beethoven opened up for Cracker, and both groups actually have the same lead singer, David Lowery. Here are some pics!

^^^This is my dad(in the blue shirt) talking to the drummer of the band Cracker, Frank Funaro.

^^^This is Sal Maida, the bass player from Cracker. The club staff guy let me go by the side of the stage to take this!

^^^This is David Lowery(plaid) the lead singer of Cracker and the lead guitarist Johnny Hickman.

^^^Last but not least, this is from left to right, my boyfriend George, me(duh) and my dad.

We had a great time. My dad actually got to see them in November when they did a USO Tour, so it was pretty exciting for him to see them again, he's a pretty big fan!

I was happy because the first band that played, played my favorite song, Pictures of Matchstick Men, which has been played by both bands actually, and it was a pretty good version.

Sherry <3


Book Monster said...

Looks fun!!!

Melissa said...

I love shows...even the little bands are excellent fun, eh? :)

Jessilyn said...

Looks like you had fun ;)

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