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Author Appreciation Week - Day 5

(made by Sara from Novel Novice)

Today instead of picking a favorite author, I have decided to dedicate the last day of Author Appreciation Week to all authors whos work has touched my life in some way. Wether they wrote a book that made me laugh, cry, think, etc., I am forever grateful. There are many out there and I won't list them because I would hate to leave anyone out, but pretty much any person who has become an author. Any writer that has slaved away over a book to give us the readers a day, a week or a lifetime of enjoyment.

So thank you authors for doing what you do, and as long as you continue writing, we will continue reading! :)

Sherry <3


Jemi Fraser said...

What a great tribute! And so true. So many authors have contributed to my life and helped me grow into who I am now. :)

bookaholic said...

I was also thinking along the same lines for my blog! Lovely!

Kirthi said...

Great idea, I thank those authors too :D

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