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Author Appreciation Week: J.K Rowling

     (made by Sara from Novel Novice)

J.K Rowling

Today I have chosen Harry Potter author J.K Rowling. J.K Rowling's books have been a presence in my life since I was a preteen. Her books, have in a way, given my family something to connect over. My brother was the first one to start reading HP and I followed suit a couple books later. I have been in love with the series ever since and I made my mom, sister and grandmothr start them. They continued on their own, as have everyone I know that have started them. I love how each book focuses on a main problem but that all seven books have a continual problem that is resolved at the end of the seventh book. The details and the world that J.K came up with were absolutley astounding. The HP series is one that will remain my favorite probably for the rest of my life. If I ever get to a phase in my life where reading doesn't feel the same to me as it does now, I think all I will have to do is pick up these books(which I happen to own in a nice little chest) and they will be all the reminding that I need. Thanks J.K. Rowling for creating a series that will remain a part of me for the rest of my life! :)

There are seven books total in J.K Rowling's Harry Potter Series and she also has some books that were mentioned in the series.

If you haven't read HP yet, well I don't want to know about it, just go read them!! :)

Sherry <3


Jemi Fraser said...

I love the HP series. Rowling has created a great setting and memorable characters. I know so many families who have created better bonds because of these books. She's encouraged so many awesome conversations. Great choice!

bookaholic said...

I love the HP series! Brilliant author to post about. She made reading so much fun for so many people!

Nikki @ Bookizzle said...

Oh these will definitely be one of my all-time favorites for the rest of my life. I've re-read them 4 or 5 times and it always feels like the first time with each re-read. I love them to pieces! Brilliant choice.

Kirthi said...

A week wouldn't be complete without J.K. Rowling! Great pick, she's one of my most favorite authors!!

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