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Review: WEREling by Steve Feasey

WEREling by Steve Feasey
Publication: April 27th, 2010
Published by: Feiwel and Friends
ARC received by BookItForwardARC Tours

Summary from goodreads:

"Fourteen-year-old Trey Laporte is not a kid anymore. Not after the day he wakes up in agony—retina-splitting, vomit-inducing agony. His clothes are torn. His room is trashed.

Enter Lucien Charron, the mysterious, long-lost “uncle” with freakish fire-flecked eyes and skin that blisters in the sun. Suddenly, Trey finds himself living in a luxury penthouse at the heart of a strange and sinister empire built on the powers of the Netherworld—vampires, demons, sorcerers, and djinn.

And there is a girl—Alexa Charron—who is half vampire, half human, and insanely pretty, with powers all of her own. Trey is falling for her.

Trey is training night and day to control the newly discovered power lurking inside him. Now, demons are closing in on every side, and the most psychopathic bloodsucker to rock the Netherworld wants to destroy him. Above all, he must face one terrifying question: Is he a boy . . . or is he a beast?"

My review: **** = 4 Stars

(spoiler free)
WEREling starts off right in the action. That's my favorite thing so there was no waiting for the hook in this one and I was interested in continuing on right after I started reading. The descriptions within this book are amazing. I kept finding myself looking forward to all of the instances in the book where Trey would have to shift because while reading, I could visualize everything that was going on. Not only the situations with Trey but with everything, including character and location descriptions as well. I loved the mc Trey. He had no clue what was going on, he wasn't perfect and he was even a jerk a couple times. Imperfections in the characters I read about make me happy. The secondary characters were awesome as well and even the characters that weren't in the book for long. There's this one characters who's only on a couple of pages but from the detail given you can just feel how bad he is and theres so much hate. It's written quite well. I can't go into too much detail about what happens later in the book because a few times I was caught off gaurd and I don't want to spoil anything for anyone but I was very pleased with the amount of time spent on Lucien. Ahh I can't even explain why but if you read it i'm sure you'll figure out what i'm talking about. Also the latter part of the novel is a real page turner. Once I hit a certain point I couldn't put it down, I just needed to know how everything turned out. I was glad for the surprises. A couple of times there were a few things I was sure were going to happen, that didn't so i'm pleased the author was able to keep up the shock value for me. I look forward to whatever comes next in Trey's journey(meaning I really hope there's a sequel because I have to know what's going to happen next).

The cover: I love this cover. There is just something mysterious about it that pulled me in. I don't necessarily judge books by their cover because I read books with crappy covers all the time, but a good cover never hurts!!

I recommend this to any reader who enjoy a good faster paced paranormal/werewolf book.

Sherry <3


elizabeth said...

Wow! Sounds good. I'll have to read this one.

Kelsey said...

Thanks so much for the review! Ever since I heard about this book, I've been looking forward to reading it. You're so lucky that you got an ARC for this one!

Can't wait for April 27!

bookaholic said...

Lovely review :)
You got the ARC?You are one lucky person!

Book Monster said...

This looks like such a intriguing story. The cover is eye catching. Definitely will read it once it comes out :)

Steve Feasey said...


Thank you for such a great review (and no spoilers!). I'm so pleased you liked the book as much as you did, and yes, there are other books to come (in the UK we are already up to book three, with #4 coming out in September). There are five planned in total.

Thanks again for featuring WEREling on your blog.


Steve Feasey

Book Crazy Jenn said...

EAK I am soo excited to read this, after your review - WOW...sounds amazing and already up to 4 in the UK, what the heck is wrong with us over here in America!?

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