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CSN Bookshelf Review

ORE 4 Level Bookshelf w/ Doors Review 
(Product received for honest review)

I recently received an email about reviewing a product from CSN. With over 200 stores to browse through the decision was hard but I knew it had to be something book related.

I saw this bookshelf and I knew it was what I wanted to try out. I've never had a bookshelf with doors so I thought it would be kind of neat to have something to put all my signed books in.(since they are practically sacred).

Review: Likely to purchase similar products in the future

Overall Look: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5
Directions Given: 3/5
I ordered the bookshelf and it shipped out that day. It only took 7 days to arrive, which is pretty good since it came from the other side of the country. (I'm in NY and it shipped from Cali). Unfortunately, the bookshelf that I received was broken. Both main side supports were broken in the same spot, as if they were dropped and the force went directly through the package. I contacted the company and spoke with a very nice sales support associate who ordered a replacement bookshelf for me. She even put a note on the order to handle with more care since the first one was damaged. Again 7 days later I got my bookshelf. This package was wrapped in lots of bubble wrap so I was pretty certain it was damage free. And it was!

Now we come to the directions. The directions for the most part were easy to read. There was one part of the bookshelf where I had major trouble. The doors have a metal piece on the inside, which is meant to hold the door closed with the magnetic strip inside. Well, I had the screws for the metal pieces for each door but there were no pre-drilled holes like there was for everything else that needed screws. It was very difficult to get the screws started and it made screwing them in much more difficult then the rest of the bookshelf. One of my small screws also broke while putting the metal pieces on but thankfully I had one around the same size. If it wasn't for the those two things then everything would have been perfect.

The bookshelf is very sturdy and it looks great. It isn't too large so I was able to put it in my room without taking up too much space. Overall, I am pleased with the product, and very pleased with the service.

Here is a picture of the bookshelf put together with the doors closed. Sorry I couldn't get all four levels in the picture, my room is kind of messy right now.

And here is a picture of the bookshelf with the doors open.

I find my signed books somewhat special so it's great to have something to put them in.



Corrine said...

Nice bookshelf! Yay for more book space eh? :)

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Very nice. I like how it kinda looks like a filing cabinet. And it could be used to hide stuff other than books... Hm. Maybe I need one.

Eleni @ La Femme Readers said...

Nice review Sherry :) I like how the bookshelf came out but it sucks that you had some difficulty with the process.

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