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Favorite Friday (2)

Welcome to this weeks edition of Favorite Friday!

Favorite Friday is a weekly meme that focuses on a blogger or authors favorite things.

With us today is Aly from Fantasy 4 Eva.


Aly here! I say random things and when I say random, I mean really, really random heck just look at my tweets... crazyyyy *coughs* Anyway I like to maintain a professionalism that I believe is important within blogging...urmm I lied. Actually I love to ramble in my posts and say amusing silly things. I love my YA and I've just recently gotten into my paranormal romance. I'm not really into the whole chick lit thing, I mean I might come across the rare read that I'm willing to give a chance but it doesn't happen often. And I also adore my Urban Fantasy novels, bring on the smexy boys! Speaking of boys *Grins* I shall name a few of my hunks, Vin diesel the one with the muscles, perfect bod and deep hot hot voice! Gosh I love that man. Then we have Damon / Ian somerhalder. That man is gorgeou. Also I am a big Jace fan so you do not diss my Jace, I refuse it! And Alex Fuentes... so yummy. Arhhh my expectations have so risen since seeing him! And lastly my man Rain hmmmmm we have already decided to go visit the moon and then have our very own happy ending, sweet huh? Me think yes!:)

My favorite books/series are Thirteen reasons why, The Mortal instrument series, Vampire Academy, Pretty little liars & PS i love you! Ice cream wise I don't know if this is like really abnormal but I've always just simply loved Vanilla. I know years ago we got all these new flavors appearing but I guess I just never out grew Vanilla. I don't really tend to have different flavors. I know once again lame! My all time favorite movie would have to be Memoirs of a Geisha. If you have seen this movie then you will know how spectacular and beautiful it is. It gives you such great knowledge and understanding of the culture of a Geisha. Blog-wise, if there is anything to know about my blog all you need to know is if you get my blog then you get me. You know I don't think I ever realised iIwas a pink person until I made my blog and then I started realizing all these pinky things and I was like omg I like pink!? There you have it all the basics you need to know about me *You may also have also noticed me and Eleni have similar tastes in books and uh hum men because where awesome like that* =) Thank You for having me Sherry, I'm so glad I got to be a part of this!


Thanks so much for joining us Aly!

And thank you guys for stopping by! See you next week here at Favorite Friday!

Sherry <3


Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

Great post guys! It was nice to hear about some more of your favorites, Aly! :)

Melina said...

What a fun post! I love vanilla ice cream too.


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