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A whole lot of new!

So for the past couple of months my house(err parents house) has been undergoing some renovations. We've redone the basement so that it has two rooms, a computer room and a bathroom. It's like a mini house within the main house. Cool huh?

We also redid the main bathroom. New vanity, shower/tub, paint, tiles.. pretty much everything.

All of this new stuff is making me want to redo my bedroom. I started painting it when my family first moved in 6 years ago and I never finished. The border on one half of the room is a cerulean blue type color and it stops half way over my door frame. That's all I got done.

I want to do something exciting and unique, not just paint it, you know what I mean?

Do you guys have any ideas?

I would love your input! :)


Sherry <3


Hannah S said...

You can paint the whole door navy, and once that dries, use a star stencil and paint in yellow stars. Vary the stars so they're all different sizes!
Then you can stipple on some lighter blues so it sort of looks like mist. All magical ad dream-like.
That's what my doors gonna be like when I'm done re-doing MY room!
It's cool, too, since my actual room is fairly pink and girly, and my door gives it a sort of edge. :)
Good luck!
Love, Hannah

P.s. Thanks for asking us, by the way!

Hannah S said...

Whoops, sorry, I thought you meant you wanted to paint your door!
Either way, the blue works, I think. :)
Love, Hannah
P.s. If you're more into pink, you can cover one whole wall with fake roses. It'd be beautiful. Not too overwhelming, either, since it would only be one wall. :)

Jemi Fraser said...

When I was young I loved (LOVED) red! I painted the ceiling and one wall red and the other 3 white. It was a teeny, tiny room and I loved it!

Ky said...

Well if it was me then I'd get that sweet ass chalk board-pain. It's like this specially mixed paint that basically acts as a chalk board. It's amazingly fun. So you can doodle, write yourself notes, or make lists for your books. :P It would at least be cool to do on one wall. XD

Or if you're crazy like me then I think it would be fun as hell to just paint everything black and then splatter paint in neon colors. Hehehehe. But that's my inner art geek talking.

My personal style is much more black/white floral/ old antique swirl type. But hey. It's your room. Do what you want. :P

Catie S (Book Bound) said...

I painted, got new carpet & a bedroom set a few years ago. I love it.
Before that I had old boring carpet, all white walls & random furniture.

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