Note to my followers:

Currently not in use. But I'm not deleting it because I may start back up again one day.

Go check out my new blog!

So my mom has been asking for a while now to start a blog with her, and we have. Everything is just starting out but we have the name and blog set up. Go check it out and welcome my mom to the blogosphere. Follow us while you're at it, right now we only have 1 follower(me!) lol :P

And no worries, this is still my main blog. We just wanted to do one together too.

It's called Like Mother, Like Daughter. Let me know what you think!



Anonymous said...


My mom helps with technical stuff on my blog and monitoring my emails and tweets. She's not really a book person like I am though, so everything is totally all ME. LOL

I'll head over and follow.

Catie S (Book Bound) said...

Checkin it out now!

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