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So I used to secretly want to be a writer(not so secret anymore). I still toy with the idea, but in my mind I'm a much better reader than a writer. :P And that's fine with me because I love to read. But the other day over at Novel Novice I entered one of their Short Story writing contests. It was The Naughty List Writing Contest, with first place getting signed copies of both The Naughty List and So Many Boys by Suzanne Young.

Well to my amazement, I won first place! I really didn't think my entry was that great but it was so much fun to write. We had to use three key words, naughty, ninja and smitten. And I had a great time writing it.

You can check out my entry here.

Thanks to Novel Novice for thinking my entry was good! :)



Cecile said...

Congrats honey!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! Enjoy!

A Simple Love of Reading said...


Elizabeth Briggs said...

Wow congrats! Maybe you should write more short stories.

bryan said...

that's awesome sherry - keep writing. you're young enough that you can do anything you want; do something fun. congrats!

StephTheBookworm said...

Great job and congrats!

anab01 said...

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