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To my lovely readers:

The beginning of August was an almost perfect start to a month. I read one great book after another and worked less than usual. Went to an awesome concert with my Dad and boyfriend. Life was good.

These past two weeks... not so good.

I will list off how great things have been for me.

1) I've been working more than usual. Lots of early mornings, like 4am. Which wouldn't be so bad normally, but the day before I probably worked 9am-5pm, then went in at 4am, then the next day maybe I went in at 7am, followed by a 5am. Yea my schedule changes EVERY week. It is never constant. And that sucks. Majorly. My body can't get used to the differences and it really catches up to you after a while. Anyways.. I'm EXHAUSTED.

2) My car is a piece of shit. Literally(okay not literally). It's ten years old, and it has 152000 miles. No there isn't an extra 0 there. At one time, my drivers side door wouldn't open or do anything because the locking mechanism or however you spell that, broke. I needed a new door because they don't make the locking mechanism for an ancient ass car like mine. It's not the same color so I have a green car, and a blue door. Last week... my passenger door did the SAME. FREAKING. THING. Will the next door be orange? Maybe red? My check engine light is on. My inspection expired August 31st. It's in the shop now, and the bill is $881. Yeap... I'm screwed.

3) I started school this week. Three classes at the actual campus and two online courses. I've been to college, but this one already seems much, MUCH more time consuming. And it's only been the first week and just thinking about the essays I already have to write for next week.... *sigh*

4) My Great-Grandmother passed away on the 26th. I attended her funeral on Tuesday.

5) I will be attending a second funeral on Saturday, for my 3rd cousin who lost her child during the ninth month of pregnancy. Words cannot express the sadness of this situation.

6) I've been sick for like three weeks. No joke. It's my own damn fault because I avoid doctors offices. So yea I'll blame that one on me.

7) My dad, who just got back from Iraq at the beginning of August, is already back at work, in California, the opposite coast that I am on. Yea sucks. :(

8) Over the past two weeks I have started 5 books, and fininshed none. Those books include Mockingjay and The Demon's Lexicon, which I know are both AWESOME even without finishing them. I just can't read right now. Or not a lot. Which sucks.

My review books are piling up, and my blog posts have become almost nonexistent. So I'm sorry I have virtually been ignoring you. I feel like a crappy blogger, but I know shit happens. I hope to make a full recovery from ^^^^ALL THAT DRAMA up there... soon.

On a positive note... the lady from St. Anne's picked up the boxes of books today. There was 170 total and she was so appreciative, as am I, for all the support. It's amazing how doing something so simple can make you feel so good. Thank you again to everyone who donated!

Ok thats it for me. I hope to be back with an actual review for you soon!

*****AND I NEARLY FORGOT: I have reached 700 followers. I can't thank you all enough for your support throughout my first year of blogging. And I promise to have a blogoversary contest and 700 follower contest soon(better late than never =P)
Love you all!



E.J. Stevens said...

Congrats on 700 followers! Sorry to hear about your stressful month. Hang in there! :)

From the Shadows

Melissa said...

Awww I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother, doll :( Your family is in my thoughts and prayers...and don't worry, we'll all still be here when you have the time to post regularly again :)

(Bookish)InABox said...

I'm sending you positive vibes from down here! September will be better...September will be better!

Riv Re said...

Congrats on the book collection and the 700 followers.
Sorry about what's been happening. When all else fails, Blogger buddies are here for you!

kimscarecrow said...

School has been stressing me out too. Stupid college. :/

StephTheBookworm said...

Sorry about all the stress. My semester is reeeally rough too. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on reaching 700 and I'm so sorry for all the bad things!

Corrine said...

Sorry to hear about all of the bad things going on right now Sherry! Just remember, this too shall pass. Hope that things get better for you soon! (As in, yesterday!)

Congratulations on reaching 700 followers though, that is awesome!! :D

Lena said...


I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. I LUFF YOU!!!

Jillian said...

I'm sorry about your grandmother. And about your dad leaving so soon. Cheer up, there will be a good week coming for you again :)

Dianne K. Salerni said...

I'm sorry about your great-grandmother and your cousin. What a sad, sad time. I hope you get through this rough patch soon.

Monica said...

So sorry hon. I wish things were better for you, or that I could help in some way. You are a wonderful person, hang in there, and if there is a way I could help don't hesitate to ask.

celi.a said...

I send ((hugs)) and support! Good luck as you deal with all of these situations. We're thinking of you.

Emily a.k.a WilowRaven : ) said...

Thinking of you and sending happy/good thoughts your way! So sorry August has been so hellish. Let me know if you need anything!

Sherry @ Flipping Pages for All Ages said...

Thank you all for your kind words! I finally finished a book!!! (That is cause for celebration!) <3 you all! :D

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