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Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers
Publication Date December 21st, 2010
Published by St. Martin's Press
Paperback, 230 Pages
Source: Purchased from Borders

Summary from Goodreads:

"From the author of Cracked Up to Be and Some Girls Are comes a gripping story about one girl’s search for clues into the mysterious death of her father.

When Eddie Reeves’s father commits suicide her life is consumed by the nagging question of why? Why when he was a legendary photographer and a brilliant teacher? Why when he seemed to find inspiration in everything he saw? And, most important, why when he had a daughter who loved him more than anyone else in the world? When she meets Culler Evans, a former student of her father’s and a photographer himself, an instant and dangerous attraction begins. Culler seems to know more about her father than she does and could possibly hold the key to the mystery surrounding his death. But Eddie’s vulnerability has weakened her and Culler Evans is getting too close. Her need for the truth keeps her hanging on...but are some questions better left unanswered?"

My Review: **** 1/2 = 4.5 Stars

Courtney Summers has done it again. Much like with the first book I read of hers, Cracked Up To Be, she has created realistic characters, and has put them on a path that isn't cheerful and bright, but is filled with hardships that the characters must work through and solve.

It's hard to say what it would be like to lose a loved one that close. I'm sure many of you reading this have, and I am sorry for that. I've been fortunate in my life that I haven't lost anyone very close, like a parent or sibling. I can't fathom what it must be like, but reading Courtney's writing, I can start to imagine just how unbearable it must be. The way Courtney writes, you can feel exactly what her characters are feeling, in this case, exactly how Eddie and her mother are feeling, and even those people close to them, their best friends Milo and Beth.

This book leaves you wondering how you, as a person, might react if someone close to you were to take their own life. It isn't something anyone particularly wants to imagine, but Courtney's ability to write about such a subject is quite amazing, and her ability to weave hope and love into this type of story, just goes to show what a great writer she is.

Any fan of Courtney's work will love this novel as well, and for those of you who have never read one of her books, this is a great one to start with.

Have you read this yet, what are your thoughts?



Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

I haven't read this yet, but Courtney is an incredible writer, eh? She makes things so raw and real. I definitely want to read this after seeing your review. Thanks, Sherry! :)

Emily said...

I have a copy but haven't read it yet. Sometimes the realistic books get to me too much :)
Great review! I'm thinking I'll have to give this one a try soon.

Jacinda (The Reading Housewives) said...

I read this a couple weeks back and I LOVED it!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that although I love Courtney Summers times infinity, this was probably my least favorite book from her. Mind you, it's still pretty great so I'm totally not complaining haha.

Lena1xoxo said...

I love this book! What a great review. I totally agree about how Courtney writes this story about loss, yet still weaves in hope and love. :)

Froggy said...

This is a new author to me so I will definately be checking her out! Thanks for the great review!

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