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Author Interview: K. Ryer Breese (Future Imperfect)

Today, as part of the Teen Book Scene Blog Tour for Future Imperfect, I have the honor of hosting author K. Ryer Breese for an interview!

Please welcome K!


Flipping Pages for All Ages: Where did you get the idea/how did you come up with the idea of a teenager who can see the future, but who also has an addiction to that ability?
K. Ryer Breese: Hi Sherry. It was a few years ago. The book started life in '08 as a completely different manuscript. It centered on a young woman, mid-20s, who could see the future due to a certain genetic defect. It wasn't addictive but destructive. She needed medication to "treat" her divination and wound up addicted to the drugs. I took that basic idea and tweaked it. I've always thought that if a person truly had a supernatural ability -- something that breaks or bends the laws of physics -- it would likely be either very painful or very pleasurable. I can't imagine a bland ability.

FPfAA: How is having a book published different from having poetry and other fiction published in magazines?
KRB: Pretty different. This is my first YA novel but I've published several general fiction titles under another name. Switching from short fiction -- and even earlier, poetry -- involved a very steep learning curve. Writing for magazines, or websites, the canvas is not only more contained but the audience is typically more niche. It evolves and changes very quickly and you need to be on your toes. Novels are these glacial things that take quite a long time to move from your fingertips to the bookshelf. That being said, there is a wonderful thrill in seeing your book in a bookstore. And, now, on an e-reader. Addictive, really.

FPfAA: Did you know you wanted to write for young adults or did it just happen that way?
KRB: A little bit of both. I didn't read YA as a teen but jumped into adult novels at a fairly early age, around 10. But I always kind of wanted to find a YA novel that captured some of the same stuff that I found in the adult novels. When I started writing, I decided it'd be fun to attempt to write a novel that would have appealed to the teen me. Something edgy. Something complicated. Something that felt a bit dangerous. When "Future Imperfect" started coming together, I envisioned it as a "Fight Club" for teens.

FPfAA: Your website tells us your favorite authors, bands/groups and directors. What are your favorite book, song, and movie?
KRB: Hard one. I hate to be that guy, but I'm going to have to say I can't pick just one. So, cheating, I'll say this: My favorite book as of right now is Karen Russell's "Swamplandia." My favorite song as of last night is Freur's "Kiss Me." And most powerful movie I've seen in the past ten years is "The White Ribbon."

FPfAA: Do you have any other projects in the works?
KRB: Definitely. I'm hard at work on the sequel to "Future Imperfect" titled "Past Continuous." It'll likely be out next winter. I also write screenplays and have several currently "in the works."


Thanks so much for letting us get to know you a little better K!

For more info about K. Ryer Breese, check out his webpage.

Future Imperfect will be released by St. Martins Griffin/Thomas Dunne Books on April 26th!



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