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When I'm Not Writing w/ Janet Gurtler(I'm Not Her Blog Tour)

Joining us today is Janet Gurtler, author of the upcoming release I'm Not Her(Sourcebooks Fire, May 1st, 2011). As part of the blog tour for her books' release, she's here to tell us what she does when she isn't writing!

Please welcome Janet!


 What do you do when you're not writing?

Gosh am I ever not writing? If not at the actual laptop usually I’m plotting or making notes in my head even when I don’t even realize it. But of course I do have a life outside of writing too.

I am Mom to a super cool ten year old boy who swims with a swim team in a town close to the city where I live. He swims every day except Sunday so I spend a lot of time at the pool. I use that time to either work out at the gym in the recreation centre where he swims, or I um. Write.

Right now I am not working at a job outside of writing, but that may change. I have worked in sales years. (more than I care to remember lol). Up until January I was working for a cool toy company as a sales rep/merchandiser. I’ve also been a liquor representative and worked for major consumer goods companies like Kraft. And yes, all those jobs did involve free samples.

Oh. I’ve done some Mystery Shopping lately, for a company one of my old bosses runs. Jobs come up once in a while and it’s pretty easy and mostly fun to do, but I usually end up spending more money than I make when I’m doing it.

Things that I love- Bargains! I am way more excited at finding bargains than I should be. I have been known to buy things I don’t need because they are such a great deal. I kind of have a closet that proves it. For example, my son has about 359 t-shirts. And I have a bin full of party favors I’ll probably never use.

I actually really like to exercise and it makes me feel so much more sane. When I’m not exercising I get kind of grouchy. I’m not super fit or super athletic. A few years ago I did a couple of sprint triathlons, the short easy kind. But I came to terms with the fact that I really am not that fond of running. I’m not very good at swimming and I don’t own a road bike. So now I do weights and use the treadmill or elliptical machine and it’s all good.

I have a nutty but loveable husband who is crazy about building and fixing things, so somehow I became co-pilot to a cabin he is building in the mountains. It’s a lot of work and takes up a lot of our time (and money) I was never really a fix it kind of gal, but it’s his passion, and he tries to support mine, so I try to play nice. It may even be finished sometime this century.

I love music, loud and dancey. I love puppies and books of course and have a sweet tooth and when I get upset I eat my emotions. I have no self-control around cake mostly due to my love of icing.


Thanks so much for sharing with us Janet!

Special thanks to Teen Book Scene for hosting this blog tour! Check out their webpage to see where the next stop on this tour is!


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