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Character Tweets: Compulsion by Heidi Ayarbe Blog Tour + Swag Giveaway!

As part of the blog tour for Heidi Ayarbe's Compulsion(which was just released from Balzer & bray/HarperCollins on May 3rd!), she's allowed us to see what the twitter feed of some of the characters from her books might look like. Featured in this feed is Luc from Compulsion, Cappy from Compromised, and Jason from Freeze Frame!


Character Tweets: If some of your characters had Twitter accounts, what would their tweet convos be like?

(Character tweets between Jason (from Freeze Frame), Cappy (from Compromised) and Luc (from Compulsion) …)

Jason: Hey, Cappy. Thought you couldn’t read and write.

Cappy: Listen, Dead Boy, if you can do some other-world tweeting, I’ll take care on my end. At least I can touch the fuckin’ keyboard.

Jason: Mind over matter.

Cappy: You’ve got neither, dead boy. Or do you have a mind? Do dead people keep their minds?

Luc: Hijueputa. And I thought M&M was nuts. I’m tweeting with dead guy and illiterate. I’ll take OCD boy, any day.

Cappy: Watch what you say, Pablo. Dude, are you really Colombian? Did you know Escobar? Orejuela?

Luc: Did you know Al Capone? There are like 40 million Colombians. I know about fifty. Escobar isn’t one. And he’s dead.


Cappy: Hey, Dead Boy, can you get Escobar on the line?

Jason: I have a name. It’s Jason. And you could show a little respect for the dead.

Cappy: Whatever.

Luc: Mierda, a sensitive dead guy. That’s all I need.

Jason: You’d think you could appreciate the effort I’m making to contact the living world.

Cappy: You need a ghost whisperer or something?

Luc: Or an exorcist?

Cappy: Or a séance?

Luc: Did you hack into someone’s twitter account. Hey. Can you do that? Like an FBI Ouija board.

Jason: Thanks guys.

Cappy: Dude, take an upper or something. Or were you on the life’s a picnic train? What’s it like up there, anyway? Do you get to hang out with … I dunno.

Jason: Why does everyone always assume it’s up?

Luc: And he’s a pendejo, too.

Jason: I’m just saying that the notion of heaven and hell being up and down is pretty elementary.

Luc: Did you even have friends when you were alive? You seem like a total tool.

Cappy: No kidding “notion of heaven and hell” hoity-toity. So. Do you know anybody up there?

Luc: Here we go with the Escobar cliché. Christ. I don’t know who’s worse, you with Escobar obsession or … never mind.

Cappy: I’m not thinking of Escobar. I’m just wondering if he knows kids up there.

Luc: Yeah. It’s probably like one big happy Facebook page, poking, and farm animal collecting.

Jason: It’s not up.

Cappy: You can’t tweet with this dude. At all. Like total asswipe.

Luc: Agreed. We’re not trying to get all transcendental and shit. Just answer the gd question.

Jason: I’ve been out of touch for a while. What’s Facebook? This Twitter thing is weird enough.

Luc: What are you, pre-historic?

Jason: I died in 2008.


Luc: Jurassic Dead Guy!

Cappy: He probably was there for the Big Bang.

Luc: The Ten Commandments. Dude, @Jason chiseled on stone? Paint some caves?


Luc: @Cappy I think we pissed him off. C’mon, man. We’re just messin’ with you @Jason.

Cappy: @Jason Hello? Hello?

Cappy: @Luc, did you hear an echo?

Luc: Maybe he got disconnected. Imagine WiFi with that kind of range. Crazy unstable.

Jason: I’m here. I think this must be hell.

Luc: What? Twitter? Nah. Learn to use the hashtags, and you’ll be all over that #chatwithdeadboy

Cappy: Nice #chatwithdeadboy

Jason: Can you at least give someone a message?

Luc: Don’t forget #chatwithdeadboy hashtag, tool.

Cappy: I knew this was coming. Some dead guy always has to leave a message. #chatwithdeadboy.

Luc: Very Hollywood. #chatwithdeadboy

Cappy: Why don’t you just tweet your message? #chatwithdeadboy

Jason: Nevermind. I’ll find this Facebook thing.

Luc: @Jason DON’T FORGET THE FREAKING HASHTAG #chatwithdeadboy This is pointless.

Jason: That’s it?

Luc: You can follow me, dude, but I’ve got shit to do. In the real world. Have fun with the angels. Oh. BTW. Are they mad hot? Like sizzling?

Jason: You want to know about hot angels? Really? You forgot #chatwithdeadboy

Luc: Ran out of characters.

Cappy: Hey @Jason I’ll send your message if you send mine.

Jason: I’m going to regret this.

Luc: Making deals with the dead. Pass. Just watch out for my old man. He’s a mean hijueputa.

Jason: @Luc Thanks for the tip.

Cappy: @Jason Waiting. Message?

Jason: I’ll DM you.

Luc: Catching on.

Cappy: Fine. DM.

Luc: Jason: Cappy: Bye.
Very interesting! Now I'll have to pick up Compromised and Freeze Frame!
In addition to the Twitter Feed, Heidi is giving one lucky commenter(US Only, sorry guys!) some awesome SWAG!
Here's a list of what is included in the Swag Pack: signed book plate, book marks, Colombia surprise (magnet, coffee candy, CHIVA) etc.
You have one week(3/5/11-3/12/11) to leave a comment(be sure to include your email address) and the winner will be selected the following day!
Good luck!
*Special thanks to Heidi and to Teen Book Scene!


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