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Memorable Books from 2009!

I haven't gotten the chance to read as many books from 2009 as I would have liked to. I see these lists with so many books that I haven't read but I still found many books that were very enjoyable to me. Instead of picking a 6th and 7th for my favorites from 2009, I just decided to list some memorable ones.

So these are also up for grabs in my contest along with my previous 5 that were posted throughout the week:

Evermore by Alyson Noel (first in the immortals series)
Blue Moon by Alyson Noel (second in the immortals series)
Stargazer by Claudia Gray (second in evernight series)
Eternal by Cynthia Leicht Smith

So in all that makes 9 books to choose from, so far theres only like 13 entries so you have a pretty good chance of winning. Only 14 more followers until the first place winner gets to pick two of these books!

I will post all of the choices on the contest page!

Sherry <3


Kari (Flamingo1325) said...

I really liked Eternal and Stargazer. I am really excited for Hourglass. I haven't read Tantilize.. but I need to before that third book comes out since its supposed to bring in characters from both that and Eternal...

miss cindy :) said...

I haven't read any, but they sound great :)

Ky said...

I haven't read Eternal yet? Is it good? Cuz I've refrained from buying it because no one ever talks about it. It at least looked fantastic. Haha.

Sherry @ Flipping Pages for All Ages said...

I enjoyed it! You should read that and Tantalize, they are by the same author and are sort of like sister novels. You don't need to read both but should because another book is being released eventually titled Blessed, and it combines characters from both books.

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