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I swear i'm still here!

Don't worry my oh so loyal followers! I haven't forgotten ye! I'm watching Robin Hood, the BBC one, it's quite good. That will explain my odd sense of language use. But I digress, there's less than a day to enter my contest. 16 more followers until a second place winner gets to go home with a brand spanking new book! *crowd explodes with cheers* And even if I don't hit 100, the winner of the contest still gets to pick out 2 books.

Moving on to other schtuff....(I promise i'm not an idiot, I know that's not how you spell "stuff" but that's how I said it when I was typing so that's how it got spelled! :)

I haven't read anything because I am still anxiously awaiting new books in the mail, and nothing seems good enough to read right at this moment because I have my mind stuck on other books. I have put off reading many books from the latter half of 2009 that I am really starting to want to read right about.... now. Like The Dark Divine by Bree Despain. Oh man, I read the first chapter on her site and now I want it. Like now. What's wrong with me, i'm such a darn procrastinator. I also really want to read Fallen by Lauren Kate just because I like the cover so much.

One book I definately have to pick up is Break by Hannah Moskowitz. It's going to be the first book discussed in the new Forum Board that Kari over at A Good Addiction set up. I can't wait! If you're interested check out Kari's page here.

Alright, I have to work at 4:00 am and it's already 9:16 p.m so I better try to get a few hours of sleep so i'm not all zombie tomorrow.

Sherry <3


Book Monster said...

Both Fallen and The Dark Divine are a-mazing books. When you read them, I'm sure you'll adore them :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Those are both books on my wish list. *sigh*
So many books... only one of me. :)

Melissa said...

TDD is SO great! You'll looove it :)

Kirthi said...

I love BBC, even though I don't live in Europe...anyway! I'm glad your still here :D I too am waiting tirelessly for my books to come in the mail (ackk!)
Happy Reading!

Nina said...

I love Robin Hood, I have season one on dvd! :)

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