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It's time & 1st mini challenge!

Ok or it was time 35 minutes ago! I accidentally woke up late so I'm pushing my read-a-thon start date to 9:00 so I can eat and get everything all set to go.

I'll start off with the first mini challenge!

Where are you reading from today? My house in NY.

3 facts about me …  About reading/books or random.. oh heck we'll go with random!
       1)  My favorite food is shrimp.
 2) I'm constantly painting my nails but usually my the next day i've picked all the nail  polish off.
 3) The only fruit I like is apples. o_O

How many books do you have in your TBR pile for the next 24 hours? For starters just 4 but i'll add to it when necessary. :)

Do you have any goals for the read-a-thon (i.e. number of books, number of pages, number of hours, or number of comments on blogs)? No goals really, I just want to have fun and help support my fellow readers throughout the day!

If you’re a veteran read-a-thoner, Any advice for people doing this for the first time? I'm a first timer!!

So there you have it!
I'm off to finish getting ready then I'm sitting down with my big comfy quilt and starting where I left off in Shiver.
Have fun everyone!! :)
Sherry <3


Felicia S. said...

Good Luck! Go Team Woodsworth! ---Happy Reading!

ColleenFL said...

Shrimp..yum! Good luck with the readathon! Happy reading!

Candyland said...

I do the same with my nail polish! BTW love your new haircut:)

softdrink said...

Traditional read-a-thon blessing:

May the bookshelf be there to greet you.
May all the books appeal.
May the fridge be full of tasty snacks;
the words fall soft upon your eyes and until the read-a-thon ends,
may you always hold a book in the palm of your hand.

Good luck today!

Kathleen said...

Happy Reading! I'll be cheering you on throughout the day but "officially" during hourse 13-18!

Kailana said...

Having fun is the important thing! Enjoy!

Serena said...

Looks like you are making great headway
Keep up the reading, don’t let that head sway
Eyes on the page and coffee in hand
You’ll be entering a new land.


Jenn-ay said...

Yay! Great answers. I love that you want to have fun with this and support the other bloggers. The book community is wonderful out here with the Dewey Readers.

Enjoy your read-a-thon adventure, HAPPY readings, & GO Team Wordsworth!!! *shakes pom poms*

carolsnotebook said...

I like books
I really do.
Books with stories
And pictures, too. (Author unknown)

Hope you're enjoying everyone you meet and everywhere you go in your reading today. Great answers, by the way.

Nise' said...

Hope you are enjoyin your first read-a-thon! Book Bloggers are the best.

carolsnotebook said...

Hope you're having a good reading day!

ferrywoman said...

Wonderful job on the Read-a-Thon! Way to go! I'll be looking forward to reading with you on October. Keep on rocking and reading, read-a-thoner! It's been lots of fun! :D

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