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There's still time! Inkpop Weekly Writing Challenge featuring Die for Me

The latest weekly writing challenge, which started April 14th, still has another three days to go. The 6th event in the Dark Days of Supernatural Writing Challenges features Die for Me by Amy Plum.

Here's the summary for the writing challenge:

"Die for Me is unlike any other paranormal you have ever read. Instead of a cold and rainy atmosphere, imagine being shipped off to Paris after a tragic accident leaves you orphaned. While there you meet a dark and mysterious guy who, instead of living forever, dies repeatedly. That is just beginning of Die for Me.

So now that you know there are paranormals unlike any you have ever imagined lets reimagine what immortality might do to you. Write a short story, poem or essay that imagines a life that never ends. What does this world look like? Are you happy, sad or weirdly immune to the world around you? Did you give up the hope of death to save someone you love or to be with that person forever? Tell us about it in the Die for Me writing challenge."

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the weekly challenges over at HarperCollins Inkpop site, writers can submit a short story, poem or essay following the given guidelines, two people who submit entries and two people who comment on the entries, will win the featured book, Die for Me by Amy Plum, as well as three other books from the HarperTeen Catalog.

For more info on how to enter, go check out the main post over on Inkpop!

Good luck to those of you that enter!!



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