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The Nine Paths to Chloe King

I recently received an email from ABC Family asking me if I wanted to participate in a game that takes place in the three weeks prior to the premier of their new show, The Nine Lives of Chloe King.

I was lucky enough to participate in last years Pretty Little Liars challenge and that was a lot of fun, so of course I said yes.

While I was away at BEA, the "game box" showed up at my house. I wasn't able to see it until I came home on Friday, but what was inside was definitely exciting.

Here's what came in the box:
An custom Ipad2, or for the game, a "MaiPad"
A Russian Birth Certificate
A Letter
A Circle Charm
A Bib
(The box itself is wooden with symbols carved into it)

I've already completed the first two tasks (there is a total of 9). The first one consisted of folding up my birth certificate and finding a location. I then had to go to my "MaiMap," which was located on the MaiPad. I then had to look up the meaning of the location. The second task consisted of answering three questions about an ancient egyptian sculpture, and then using those answer to watch a Youtube video. If you want to check it out, simply put "Bastet Sun Bubastis" in your Youtube search engine and you can listen to the message yourself!

ALSO, ABC Family has a free gift offer going on now. You can get your very own circle charm, from now until 6/14/11(or until supplies last). All you have to do is be a follower of any of the people participating in The Nine Paths to Chloe King game, and use the code given. This offer is open to residents of the 50 US states and D.C.

Just go here and enter the code below.
The code for the circle charm is "Circle"

Please know it will take 8-10 weeks to receive your free gift!

I will keep updating about the challenges as they come (I may need your help)!



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