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Author Interview: Jennifer Estep (Touch of Frost)

As part of the blog tour for the upcoming Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep, I got to ask Jennifer a few questions for the blog.

Please welcome Jennifer!


Greetings and salutations! First of all, I want to thank Sherry for having me on the blog today. Thanks so much, Sherry!

Flipping Pages for All Ages: Describe yourself in five words OR Use the letters of your first name to describe yourself.

Jennifer Estep: Sassy, sarcastic, sugar-addict, bookaholic, geek

FPfAA: How does writing for young adults differ from writing for adults?

Jennifer: It’s definitely been a fun challenge for me to write a young adult series with my Mythos Academy books. My adult books are pretty dark and gritty so it was nice to write something a little lighter, but that still has a lot of action, magic, and danger in it.

Plus, there are so many elements that go into writing YA – capturing your heroine’s journey, finding her voice, showing her growing up, world building, even developing a romance. It’s a tough balancing act to juggle all of those things, but you always want to stretch and grow as a writer, and I thought writing a YA series would be one way to do that. So far, I’m having a blast writing YA.

Hopefully, folks will have as much fun reading Touch of Frost and the other books in the series as I did writing them.

FPfAA: Favorite social network(or the one you spend the most time on)?

Jennifer: I probably spend the most time seeing what folks are buzzing about on Twitter, but I also really like Goodreads. It’s great for finding new authors and books, and it’s a cool way to keep up with the books that I’ve read. Plus, I’m always surfing book blogs to see what new books are coming out and to find new authors to read. Can you tell that I spend way too much time online? LOL.

FPfAA: What items do you never leave the house without? (i.e pen, paper, nail polish..)

Jennifer: Lip balm, tissues, sunglasses, and a book or two to read

FPfAA: You have a time machine. Do you travel to the past or future (why)?

Jennifer: I think I would go to the past. I love reading stories about the American West, and I think it would be cool to travel back in time and see it for myself.


Jennifer Estep writes the Mythos Acad¬emy young adult urban fan¬tasy series for Kens¬ing¬ton. The books focus on Gwen Frost, a 17-year-old Gypsy girl who has the gift of psy¬chom¬e¬try, or the abil¬ity to know an object’s his¬tory just by touch¬ing it. After a seri¬ous freak-out with her magic, Gwen is shipped off to Mythos Acad¬emy, a school for the descen¬dants of ancient war-riors like Spar¬tans, Valkyries, Ama¬zons, and more.

Touch of Frost, the first book in the series, will be published on July 26. First Frost, a prequel e-story to the series, is available now as a 99-cent download. Kiss of Frost, the second book, will hit shelves on Nov. 29. Visit for excerpts and more information.

For contests, extra content and more information about Kensington’s Kteen Academy, please visit:


Thanks to Teen Book Scene for the blog tour and to Jennifer for answering my questions!!

Look out for my review on August 10th!



terrndeb said...

I may not be a young adult, (51 years but this book sounds like a great one to read!

Cecelia said...

Loved Jennifer's foray into the world of YA! Thanks for sharing this interview!

Sherry @ Flipping Pages for All Ages said...

Jennifer tried responding to your comments but was having some trouble. Here they are:

@Terrndeb -- Thanks! Hope you get a chance to check out the book. And I
love reading YA too.

@Cecelia -- Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the interview.

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