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New Moon!!!

I just finised watching New Moon and I must say, I am extremely happy with how it came out. Not only does it blow the first film out of the water, it follows the book amazingly. Anyone who is a fan of the books will most likely enjoy the film. The acting was much better in this film, especially for Kristen Stewart. I thought her performance in New Moon had improved greatly from that of Twilight. The chemistry between her and Robert Pattinson or should I say Edward and Bella, still held strong throughout this one. A nice edition to the movies was the wolf pack, which absolutely amazed me. I can't wait to go see it again and if you haven't seen it yet, you need to. One more positive was there wasn't screaming girls everywhere. The theater was sold out and I expected the crazy fan girls to yelp and howl(no pun intended) at every scene where the boys were shirtless but luckily for me and everyone else in the audience, they held back. Chris Weitz did a fantastic job and I can only hope that if there is a fourth film(there freaking better be) then I hope he is the one directing it. Enjoy!

Sherry <3

Back after a little break!

It has been way too long! School has been killing me, not to mention the overnights i've been doing at work each week. One alone totally ruins my sleep schedule, and by the time things are back to normal, I have to do another one. I would like to look for another job, but since i'll be going to school in January somewhere else, there's no point in job hunting now... I have actually finished a couple of books since my last review, which was hush,hush by Becca Fitzpatrick I believe. I've finished the second book in The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, title The Laughing Corpse, which is by author Laurell K. Hamilton, and I have also finished Eight Grade Bites, the first book in the Vladimir Tod Chronicles. I loved them both and I promise to post reviews real soon. I just have some homework due for my online class, so soon after that!!!!

-Sherry <3