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Vanish Blog Tour: This or That List feat. Cassian

Vanish by Sophie Jordan recently hit the shelves at the beginning of this month. As part of the blog tour for its release, my post features Cassian, who we get to see a different side of in Vanish.

A provided a list of This or Thats, and we get to hear from Cassian what he would choose, and why!


This or That List: Cassian

Spring or Fall: Spring … when everything is new again and full of hope.

Movies or Television: When I bother to watch anything at all … it’s usually movies.

Day or Night: Night … when I can fly.

Chocolate or Vanilla: Favorite flavor is verdaberry … probably the same with all draki. Nothing new there.

Fight or Flight: I’m an onyx draki, born to fight, born to fly … one of the fastest of my kind. I’m a warrior to the core of me. I’ll do whatever necessary to protect my pride and species.

Shoes or Sandals: Barefoot

Books or Music: Books

Written Letter or Email: Letter … not much use for email in the pride.

Blonde or Brunette: Redhead, naturally. A specific redhead, actually.

Peanut Butter or Jelly: Peanut butter with verdaberry jelly.

Coke or Pepsi: Water … or verdaberry juice.

Blue or Green: Green … like the mountains and woods that feed my soul.



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**Special thanks to Sophie for providing the This or That List and to Teen Book Scene for organizing this blog tour!


Witch Eyes Blog Tour- Character Tens List: Trey Lansing

Welcome to today's stop on the blog tour for Scott Tracey's debut, Witch Eyes (which officially hits stores in two days!!).

Today's stop consisst of a Character Tens List featuring character Trey Lansing.


10 Reasons why Trey Lansing's blood pressure is higher than it should be:

1. My sister's reckless endangerment of every vehicle she comes into contact with. Her driver's license has Murphy's Law printed on the back, I swear.

2. Talk about Angry Birds. A legion of them keep crapping all over my car. I'm single-handedly putting the car wash owner's kids through college.

3. My mother insists on throwing dinner parties at least twice a week. Attendance mandatory. There is only so much foie gras a man can eat.

4. English papers. Especially English papers on The Crucible or Macbeth. Find a new theme.

5. The woman at the gas station flinches every time I try and buy a coffee. Someone should switch to decaf.

6. There's a violent animal on the loose in Belle Dam.

7. People constantly asking me to talk to my mother about something no one cares about. In case you haven't noticed, Catherine Lansing doesn't take advice from anyone.

8. Jade keeps stealing my car and thinks I won't notice. Yet she never puts the seat back.

9. I think my boss keeps forgetting that he's the one in charge. He keeps asking me to make decisions for him.

10. Braden. Seriously, that kid needs to be surrounded by hazard cones at all times.

Don't forget to get your copy of Witch Eyes which will be hitting shelves soon (Some have said Amazon is already shipping!)
To learn more about Scott Tracey, check out his webpage or follow him on twitter.
***Special thanks to Scott Tracey for this wonderful Tens List, and to Teen Book Scene for organizing the Witch Eyes blog tour!