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The Lightning Thief Review

Ok, Sorry that was so short earlier. I had to get used to everything on here, i'm still learning but I wanted to write this before I went to bed. I went to Border's yesterday and got some new books. I brought a list of ones that sounded good, I got three off the list and two others I knew I wanted. I came home and read The Lightning Thief. Now I know this is out of my age range, but so was Harry Potter and my whole family loved it. It's the first in a series, which there are five total. They are all out and theres even a movie coming out sometime in Feburary I believe. The trailer is what made me actually want to pick it up and move it. Without giving away to many spoilers to those who haven't read it, here's a brief summary:

Percy Jackson has been kicked out of boarding school a total of six times, in six years. He loves his mother, can't stand his stepfather, and believes his father was lost out at sea. Strange occurances lead him to Half-Blood hill where he learns that he is a Half-Blood himself. Half human and half god. In his case, his father is one of the "Big Three" (aka Zues, Poseidon, or Hades.) I won't tell you whose son he is, but you'll find out shortly into the novel. At some point Zues' lightning bolt, which holds immense power, gets stolen, and Percy must go on a quest to prevent a war between the Gods, or World War 3. He brings along his friends Grover, who happens to be a Satyr, and Annabeth, another half-blood, as they journey to bring peace to the reigning gods.

It was a fairly quick read but I enjoyed it very much. The main character, Percy, had a sarcastic sense of humor and if the author hadn't mentioned he was twelve I would have assuemed he was at least sixteen. He had flaws which I thought worked well for him, I mostly dislike perfect characters. I loved all of the mythology mixed in and it made it quite a different read from everything that I have read lately. It wasn't a bad read, and I do plan on purchasing the remaining four books. I enjoyed getting to know Percy and Annabeth and i'm curious to see what happens to Grover on his newest mission. A minor character causes some unseen trouble at the end and that's no doubt what the second book will be all about. It's just over 370 pages so if your looking for a quicker, fun read go pick it up! Tomorrow I will be starting Thirst by Christopher Pike. It may be another vampire tale but i'm eager to see what it's all about! That's all for tonight!


Mavie said...

I have been dying to read this book! Today I'm going to the bookstores and I hope I can snatch a copy of this one! Awesome review!

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