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Rain, rain go away!

Isn't this little guy so cute?! Well, I feel bad because it's raining on him. It's raining here to unfortunately. I hate the rain, especially when it's cold out. Because then your wet and cold, and that's no fun.

I had a short day at work today, left early because there was nothing to do. Hey, I'm not complaining. I was glad to leave, because I was itching to finish reading The Dark Divine. I'll be typing up my review soon, like in ten minutes probably. So stop back by in a bit to see what I thought about it.

I'm going to post a poll on my sidebar and you guys can tell me what to read next. Does that sound good?! I'm expecting the third part of my Amazon shipment today so I'll add those books to it. I even included two books that I have started that I haven't really gotten into, so if you choose one of those, I will trust your opinions and read it! Promise! Alright, go vote!

Oh yea, and I hope you are all having a great day, even if it's crappy weather out, like it is here... :)

Sherry <3


Corrine said...

This guy IS cute! As for voting... you know what I'm going to go for! :D

Hope you're having a good day! It's raining here too.

Corrine said...
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Emidy @ Une Parole said...

It's been raining where I live, also! For two days, actually. Talk about depressing.


Melissa (i swim for oceans) said...

awww I love that little pic! It never rains in Utah :( I hate it

Kirthi said...

What a cute little guy. I'll name him...Olive. Or Watermelon...or maybe Oliver??

It's raining here in Georgia too! But I have to say, I loveeee the rain! It's so misty and cool outside!

Monster of Books said...

You think Rains bad,

It snowed, I think 27cm in less then 24 hours. I have never seen so much snow in my life. I had finals today and I couldn't even get to my car because the snow blocked our house :( You'd think in Canada we'd be use to this thing, but nope. Happily I made it to my final , but was a bit late.

Hopefully the rain clears up :)

Unknown said...

oh he's divine! poor guy.

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