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Readathon tomorrow!

Wow! I can't believe it's already April 10th tomorrow. Time is just flying by. Pretty soon summer will be here and then fall and school... and I don't want to think about that!! So... tomorrow is the 24 hour read a thon. I'm all signed up but I never posted a book list. I think I'll play it by ear for the most part.

I'm for sure going to finish Shiver. And I am definitely reading The Body Finder. I have hopes that I will finally finish Before I Fall. If I can get those read then I think I will start Descent into Dust. Anything more will just be added, and anything that I change will just be adjusted. I will leave this nifty little list on my readathon page, which if you look over to your right, is on the sidebar! :)

Leave me a message here if you're participating tomorrow and i'll try to stop by everyone's blog to help support you during my breaks!!! :)

Have fun everyone!!

Sherry <3


Anonymous said...

I'm actually busy tomorrow so I won't be able to do it...but I'll stop by and support you!

Lenore Appelhans said...

I'll be reading! I'm excited!

Candyland said...

You can do it!!! Me? Not enough time:(

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