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Author Interview: Shannon Delany(13 to Life)

For this interview I am going to mix things up a bit. I haven't gotten the chance to read 13 to Life yet, so I figured I would make this a fun, enjoyable interview.

With us today is Shannon Delany, whose debut, 13 to Life, comes out July 22.

Let's get started!


Me: Shannon, use the letters of your first name to describe yourself for us.

S- Solid <--It relates to my personality AND body type! Bonus points!
H- Homesteader <--26+ acres and heritage livestock attest to this.
A- Authoritative <--I've recently learned I intimidate some people. COPE. I'm really quite sweet. Well, usually...
N- Novelist <--Who'dda thunk it? ;-)
N- Newbie <--SO much to learn in this biz!
O- Outgoing. <--NOT. But I can occasionally fool folks.
N- Dear heavens! There are a lot of N's in that name! Thanks, Mom! ;-) Umm. Neurotic. But in an absolutely charming way. Really. At least I hope so... ;-)

Me: What are three items that are a must have at all times(i.e. phone, lotion, pen etc)?
Shannon: Pen or pencil, paper of some variety (napkins and envelopes count), cell phone with camera capability. With these I can write down my ideas or capture them in photos.

Me: Do you write in the early morning, late at night, or whenever you get the spare time?
Shannon: Things are hectic on my farm: whenever I have spare time. When I'm deep in writing a book, though, I do carve out specific hours (while my son's at kindergarten usually) to work.

Me: Favorite social network, or one you spend most of your time on?
Shannon: It used to be Facebook, but now Twitter's captured my attention and it's always got something new going on... It's perfect for the ADD writer and researcher in me. Besides, emoticons are more allowable there. :D

Me: If you could play any character in any movie, who would it be?
Shannon: Hmm. Molly from The Last Unicorn. Even though she feels she's past her prime, her dream does make itself known to her and she's has one heck of an adventure!

Me: Truth or dare?
Shannon: Truth. I'll leave the dares to my werewolves, thank you very much. ;-) I like to keep the drama in my novels, not in my personal life.

Me: Biggest pet peeve
Shannon: Currently? People's willingness to make a quick buck at the environment's cost.

Me: You finally get to go to the place you've always dreamed of, where is it and what will you do there?
Shannon: Oh. I've been lucky to get to go to many places already, so: Ettrick Forest (Scotland) a few hundred years ago. I'd absorb the setting and atmosphere and take copious notes so I can get it just right for something I'm working on. Other than that, I'd still like to spend some time in the British Isles, hit a certain area of France, return to Stuttgart in Germany, visit China, Japan, Australia and Russia (of course!) and return to the Castille region of Spain. Then hit eastern Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and Costa Rica. 

Me: You have a time machine, do you go forward or back?
Shannon: Packing a bag full of antibiotics, allergy pills and hand sanitizer, I'd go bravely back (and hope I don't get burned as a witch due to some strange mistake--or me opening my big mouth at the wrong time ;).

Me: You're stuck on a desereted island and you only have 1 book until you are rescued, which book is it?
Shannon: My Barnhardt's Dictionary of Etymology would be my first choice. Words each have a story of their own--it'd feed my imagination for a long time.

Me: Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Shannon: Thanks for having me! :-)


So there you have it! Make sure you keep an eye out for 13 to Life which comes out in just over 2 months!

Sherry <3


Unknown said...

Awesome interview! I love that she has her own farm. Very cool. I definitely want to read her book :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Great review! It's interesting how Barnhardt's Dictionary of Etymology is the one book she'd love to have with her on a deserted island!

Anonymous said...

Such a great interview! I loved the first question; if I had that many N's I would have been hard pressed to find good words =D

Jemi Fraser said...

Great interview - fun questions. I love the book you'd take. It would have never crossed my mind, but I think it's a great choice!

Lillie (AliseOnLife) said...

I have just as many l's in my name as Shannon has n's, and that first question would have had me stuttering. Like the interview and your interesting and unique questions!

Anonymous said...

Sherry, thank you so much for the interview--it was a lot of fun and a great break away from book 2's copyedits!

Elizabeth--anytime you feel the urge to shear a sheep, tap maple trees or throw hay to cattle let me know. ;-) Glad you enjoyed the interview!

Kailia--Barnhardt's was my first "big" purchase when it came to books and I never looked back! :-) Language (and the origins of words) fascinates me!

thekams--Yes, that first question is one I'd never seen in an interview before (and I love different sorts of questions)!

Thanks, Jemi! I'm very much a word nerd and wish I had more time to spend playing with (and improving my) vocabulary. The online charitable game "Free Rice" makes me crazy! :D

AliseOnLife --Sherry did a great job with the interview. I'm very glad she was interested in having me participate!

Thanks again, Sherry! I can't wait until you can get a copy of 13 to Life--I hope you love it!

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