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Favorite Friday(6)

Favorite Friday is a weekly meme that features bloggers/authors and their favorites things!

It's time for another edition of Favorite Friday! This week I'm excited to have Kari from A Good Addiction.


It’s always a warm and fuzzies kind of thing when you get to take control of someone else’s blog. Must mean they like you and stuff. Yay. So besides the fact that I think Sherry is kinda awesome, I also think the X-Files are fantastic.

I’ve seen every episode, most of them multiple times. I own seasons 1-5 on DVD… and will eventually get the rest although I admit, the show lost quite a bit of spark when Mulder wasn’t so front and center. Doggit just wasn’t the same, not to mention, it wasn’t until after Mulder left that Scully started being all, oh there must be something besides a logical, scientific explanation. I mean so what if for years, I negated everything Mulder said even if in the end, he was always right with his not rational explanation. But barring that… and ignoring the fact that Fox Mulder was a bit of a hottie back in the day…

This show was awesome. A few of the episodes even creeped me out, like the moth people one? Those suckers are invisible and have freaky red eyes and they hide under your bed and wait. They pull you underground. They want to kill you. How do you fight off such things? Oh wait, for the most part, you don't. Or what about Eugene Tooms, who could squeeze through like anything? He was his own brand of creepy, as was the Flukeman. I could go on but… ten seasons is a lot to cover.

And this was all early 90s when TV graphics, etc weren’t what they are now. I admit the latest X-Files movie disappointed me…. it was less X-Files and more let’s see how demented we can be… but if they redid some of the earlier eps, man. It’d be freaky awesome.


So there you have it. I haven't watched the X-Files before so maybe I will go check it out! Thanks so much for sharing one of your favorite things Kari! :)

Make sure you come back next week to learn about the favorite things of another blogger!



Emily said...

OMG I love the X-Files - I started watching it from day 1 and never missed an episode ;)
Great post!

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