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Firelight Tour: Interview w/ Sophie!

I'm so happy to have Sophie Jordan, author of Firelight, here with us today as part of the Teen Book Scene Firelight Tour!

Don't leave after the interview because I have something exciting for you!!


Question1)There have been many shapeshifting books out and about, what gave you the idea to switch things up and introduce dragons into the mix?

Answer1)Well, you just said it! :) I approached writing this book with the attitude that if I was going to write another shapeshifter story I better switch things up. That put the burden on me to come up with something unique, but I wanted to give readers a different experience – as well as myself – in writing it.

Q2)Were you thinking of any other animal before dragons or was it always that way?

A2)Well, no -- no other animals. I tinkered with writing something involving witches but the idea never took hold. I was patient. I waited for an idea that could really inspire me. When I landed on the dragons, I was seized with so many ideas. The draki (what I call my dragon descendents) world kept unfolding and revealing itself to me in so many layers. And it still continues to do so, which is fortunate since there are more books coming in the series.

Q3)Firelight will be part of a series, is there a set number of books that we should be looking forward to?

A3)The plan is for three books in the series.

Q4)Before YA you wrote Historical Romance and Paranormal Romance, do you find any genre more enjoyable to write than the others?

A4)Romance is the core thread in all my writing … and my voice pretty much remains the same (I think!). So in a weird way, the move to YA wasn’t such a leap. Historical Romance, Para Romance, YA … none of it feels that different to me. There’s always some steamy boy/girl interaction in anything I write, so I find it all enjoyable:)


Thanks so much for stopping by Sophie!!!

Great interview! I'm so glad to have had the chance to read Firelight, and I must say, you won't be disappointed! You can check out my review here.

For those of you that haven't read it yet, enter HERE to win my ARC of Firelight. It's been read a couple of times but it's still in great shape.

Extra entries for spreading the word. You do not have to be a follower to enter.
US/Canada Only! Sorry international followers, its expensive to send overseas and I'm practically broke! :(

Ends September 10th, 2010 at mignight(eastern time).

Good luck! And keep on the lookout for the second stop on the Firelight Tour: Bloggers Hearts Books!


Unknown said...

Great interview! I can't wait for the sequel, loved Firelight!!

Ashley said...

I'm so excited I saw this! I just read/reviewed Firelight, and the ending was definitely awful! Sigh... I hate waiting for the sequel after such a blatant cliffhanger ending! I've been looking everywhere for info on how many books are expected, but have been unlucky so far. I'm so glad I saw your interview!!

Ladytink_534 said...

Firelight sounds awesome!

Eden said...

First, great interview! And the cover of Firelight is so beautiful and from what I heard the book stands up to it :-)

Jessica said...

Thanks so much for the contest :) I want to read this book so bad!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to read it. PLUS--She's coming to my local book store on my b-day! Woot Woot!

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