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Skip a Starbucks Day!

Have you heard about this yet? If not, you should head on over to C.J Redwine's blog now to read all about Skip a Starbucks Day!

Here's some deets(but def. read the whole post):

C.J and her family have been in an adoption process for the past 5 years trying to bring home little Johanna Faith. In that time frame, adoption costs have rised dramatically over in China. $8000 more is now needed to bring her home. All we are asking is instead of spending $5 on a Tall Latte with blabbity blah blah blah, you donate that $5 instead. I just donated and I'm so glad to hear that the adoption account has now hit over $2000 from everyones donations. That's so amazing! I really hope we can all help bring Johanna home.

Not only are you super awesome if you donate to this amazing cause, many bloggers and authors are helping out by offering up some great prizes. You can see everything over at C.J's blog so go check it out now!

Thanks for listening guys!!!



C.J. Redwine said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I appreciate you!

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