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The Nine Lives of Chloe King

As today is (finally) June 14th, ABC Family's new show, The Nine Lives of Chloe King will be premiering at 9pm(8c).

Even before the Nine Paths game I was looking forward to this! And since the show is based on a book series, that increases my intrigue ten fold.

If you aren't doing anything you should definitely tune in, and if you're busy, DVR it and watch it later.

I want to hear all of your thoughts on the show after it's over, but please no spoilers for the followers/readers of this blog who won't be able to watch tonight but DO STILL want to watch it without being spoiled ahead of time.

Let me know, will you be tuning in?

circle 13, aka Sherry<3


Anonymous said...

I didn't like it very much. The actress for Chloe, to me, wasn't the best actress and the plot moved way to fast for me to

Anonymous said...

We love Switched at Birth we are also addicted to Chloe King! We do DVR the shows. Also new follower!

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