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Misfit Blog Tour: Author Jon Skovron's Tens List!

I'm thrilled to welcome author Jon Skovron to my blog today. His novel Misfit was just released August 1st from Amulet Books. You can check out my review here.

For this stop on the blog tour, I got to send some different topics to Jon and he picked ten for each. Check out Jon's Tens Lists below!


Top ten places you would like to sneak into:

-The Vatican
-The Globe Theater in Straford-on-Avon
-Marvel Studios
-Neil Gaiman's house (wait, would that be creepy?)
-Back stage at a 9:30 Club Show (preferably someone cool like tUnE-yArDs or Wye Oak, but the experience itself would be interesting, regardless of the band)
-Google Headquarters
-The new Apple headquarters
-The pyramids
-A space station
-An alternate reality

Top ten songs from your teenage years:

-Wave of Mutilation by The Pixies
-Creep by Radiohead
-Been Caught Stealing by Jane's Addiction
-Pictures of You by The Cure
-Just Like Honey by The Jesus and Mary Chain
-Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jr.
-Cannonball by The Breeder
-Something In the Way by Nirvana
-If You Have to Ask by Red Hot Chili Peppers
-Only Shallow by My Bloody Valentine

Top ten dog breeds:

-Great Dane
-Black Lab
-Cane Corso
-German Shepard
-Golden Retriever
-Standard Poodle (for my brother, Chris)
-and...uh... oh, what the hell...Skipper Key

Top ten dream vacation spots:

Not sure about vacation spots, but these are the places I'd like to go sometime soon:

-South of France


Ok I loved all of these lists! Espeically the places to sneak into and the songs list!

*To learn more about Jon, you can check out his webpage or follow him on Twitter.

**Special thanks to Teen Book Scene for organizing this blog tour, and to Jon for taking time to making the lists for this post!**



Nancy said...

I'm glad that Weimaraner is included in the top ten breeds. Weims aren't difficult to maintain. It's really worth having them at home.

Nancy, expert on Weimaraner training

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