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Blog Tour- Sing Me to Sleep by Angela Morrison

Not to long ago I hit 100 followers here on my blog(which is crazy seeing as I have over 230 now in such a short time!!) and I emailed Angela asking her if she wanted to help me celebrate. She is currently having a Blog Tour for Sing Me to Sleep and asked me if I wanted to participate. She sent me a review copy of SMtS and I fell completely in love with this amazing book!

If you missed my 5-star review, you can check it out here!

So as a part of this blog tour, Angela has answered some questions for us!


Me: How are you doing today Angela?

Angela: I am great. I just got a great big box of beautiful SING ME TO SLEEP's! The hardcovers are so lovely. I'm busy organizing my school speaking schedule for when I go up to London, Ontario (where SING ME TO SLEEP is set) to celebrate SING's launch along as part of Amabile Choirs 25th Anniversary Festival. I'm so excited to get to see all the people who inspired this book.

Me: It's fun learning new things about authors whose work we enjoy reading, what can you tell us about who you are as a person, not just a writer?
Angela: These days the writer me is engulfing the rest of me. But there is a person under there somewhere. I'm a mom--I have three sons and a daughter, mostly grown up. At least they can all cook. My oldest son is married, so I have a lovely daughter-in-law and the cutest grandson in existence. I grew up in the tiny farming community where TAKEN BY STORM, my debut novel, is set. I graduated from BYU before momness overcame me, and went back to school for an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults (go Vermont College!) after my youngest started grade school.

Me: For those that haven't read Sing Me to Sleep yet, what is it about?
Angela: SING is about an ugly, harassed girl who has a beautiful voice. She gets a massive makeover thanks to her choir friends and falls in love with moody, gorgeous Derek at an international choral festival. But her dear friend back home, Scott, reveals that he's always loved her. She experiences how difficult and painful love and life can be. There is a lot of joy in this book, great kissing scenes (my heros are ALWAYS great kissers), deep sorrow, and a will to carry on.

Me: Can you offer a excerpt/teaser?
Angela: Oh, yes . . . I'll just flip open my sparkly new hardcover copy that just arrived and pick out something no one else has seen yet . . . How about you all meet Derek along with Beth? She's brand new to social networking. Here she is:

"I'm going down the list, clicking "Confirm," and right in the middle of those smiling Bliss faces, there's one from a guy.

It startles me. I didn't think I'd have to deal with guys here. Maybe Scott, but not a real guy like this one. He's beautiful. Unreal good-looking. Dark hair, pale skin, moody brown eyes a girl could get lost in. Derek. Sounds kind of phony. Maybe he's the network host. Everybody's first friend.

I click on the message attached to his request.

Good day, I'm one of the ABC soloists. Heard you on Bliss's Web site. Welcome to the Choral Olympics. Chat with me?

ABC? Oh, crap. This guy is from the Amabile Boys' Choir.

Stupid, Terri. She changed up Bliss's Web site. I start singing as soon as the site launches. She must have put my name up there. Great. This babe of a guy thinks I'm some beautiful Blissette and wants to chat.

I move my mouse to "Ignore.""

Okay, that's enough. Do you think she really ignores him?

Me: SMtS is very much a romantic novel, what's your favorite part about writing romance pieces?
Angela: I love watching the characters' relationship develop. I like to make it intense and emotional. I love to see how being loved or loving someone changes a character. Beth gains so much strength from Derek--strength she needs as the tragedy of the story unfolds.

Me: Was it difficult to write some of the situations that take place within SMtS?
Angela: Oh, yeah. I was an emotional wreck the whole time I worked on SING. I kept having to stop and dry off my keyboard. Even when I revised. The ending was the hardest thing I've ever written. But it was also the most rewarding piece I've ever written.

Me: I've seen some different release dates on other webpages, what's the actual day of release for those who are waiting to pick this one up?
Angela: March 4th!! Amazon and B& had it wrong for awhile, but that has been corrected. Order away. The pre-order price is a great deal.

Me: Do you have anything in the works for after Sing Me to Sleep?
Angela: Last fall I wrote the sequel to TAKEN BY STORM. It's titled UNBROKEN CONNECTION. Penguin is considering it right now. (That means they are trying to decide if they'll publish it or not.) TAKEN BY STORM is out in paperback now, so run buy it--that'll boost UNBROKEN CONNECTION's chances. I'm working on a third Michael/Leesie novel called CAYMAN SUMMER.

I'm also revising two other novels. MY ONLY LOVE, a heartbreaking historical romance inspired by my Scottish coal mining roots. And a time-slip novel, MY TIME ASSASSIN, that I'm turning inside out. I'm changing it up so the heroine is a Bronte-esque companion. My goal is Jane Eyre meets the Terminator (but my assassin is no robot).

Silly Randomness:

Your Favorites
Author: Katherine Paterson
Animal: eagle rays
Flavor of Ice Cream: I can't have milk, so my favorite is coconut made with coconut milk--add some fresh strawberries and raspberries and I'm in forbidden heaven.
T.V Show: Dancing with the Stars
Movie: Willow
Type of Music: anything Josh Grobin sings
Season: spring

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer the questions and congrats on Sing Me to Sleep's upcoming release!


Angela has kindly agreed to check back in occassioanlly to answer any questions you guys may have so please feel free to leave any questions right in the comment section!! :)

And don't forget to check back in shortly for a contest to win a signed copy of Sing Me to Sleep from Angela! :)

Sherry <3


Robby said...

I really want to read this book. Really badly. What a great interview! :]

Angela said...

Hey all! How's everybody this morning? I have to thank Sherry for hosting me today and writing that gorgeous review. I'll be back to chat. Check out my website, for loads for info.

Hi again, Robby! How's it going? I hope you do get to read SING soon.

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

I have read a few reviews of this all positive. I need to get my hands on it

Angela said...

Hi, Cleverly--great screen name, by the way--be sure to enter Sherry's contest for a copy of SING and check out some of others. I've got links to them on my website. (Yikes, that I need to update!) There are still a lot of copies up for grabs. Maybe you'll get lucky. Amazon and B&N have it for a really low pre-release price.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this book! Great review! So far, all I've heard is good things about this book!

Unknown said...

Great review!!! I've heard good things! Can't wait to read!!

Angela said...

If you are really anxious to read SING, you can get a sneak peak of the first chapter over on my Enjoy.

Angela said...

Hey I'm back! Exciting news today: Amabile's recording of "Beth's Song" is now on iTUNES!!!

Here's the link:

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