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Flabbergasted.... did I spell that right?

I read something earlier that completely blew my mind. Usually I don't hop on the rant train when something like this happens. We've all seen it. One person posts one thing and before you know it there's 40 posts going on about each persons views towards said subject.

Well, If I'm ever to give my personal opinion on a blogging matter, I choose this one!!

I like to self promote. I like for other people that are inerested in reading to find out about that awesome new book I read last week, or maybe find a book that they hadn't heard of before from my blog. Seriously... what's wrong with that? Apparently that makes me loud. You know what? I don't care. I am who I am and I blog out of pure joyousness. I do what I like. I've never heard anyone complain or compare that to how other bloggers go about they're business.

I've got nothing bad to say to the author of the post because a personal opinion is a personal opinion.

But just because I'm not hating doesn't mean I agree....

In the post, it mentioned that most people from the UK view Americans as loud and self confident and that in turn somehow rounds out how a blogger from the US will be. Because we are loud and self confident, we promote our blogs more, share our success and are sometimes just too over the top.

I'll tell you right now I don't differentiate between blog locations. If I like the way you blog, I follow you and read your updates. The only bloggers whose locations I know are those that I speak to on a daily basis. Other than that I don't know where you live or where you blog from, and I truly don't care. I don't even read and think.. this person is quiet they must be from the UK, or wow what an obnoxcious blog, must be an American!!

You can live anywhere in the world and be quiet or loud. I don't think location really matters. It's the person thats blogging... Everyone is different and goes about how they do things differently... right??

Something else is mentioned in this post. The author stated this about UK bloggers. "These are the blogs you dream of discovering – they don’t have a single meme, no annoying competitions with numerous ‘follow me to enter’ hoops, no blog tour books, just great posts about the books they’ve been reading."


I know for a fact that bloggers from the UK have contests involving the whole follower thing and they participate in memes. Seriously??

I don't understand how that can be thrown again us American bloggers...

Yea if i'm hosting a followers contest, you best be a follower of my blog or I'm not going to reward you... And I personally don't see a problem with memes. I don't get to read as much as I want but I still like to participate on my blog. I don't want to post a review once or twice every two weeks and have no one see it because the blog had hardly any activity so they stopped following or whatever.

You can read the whole post here and form your own opinion.

Overall, I don't think we should even be comparing US bloggers with UK bloggers. Or bloggers from Canada or Australia or wherever. We all blog for a reason and each of us is different no matter where we are from. I expect that, I like it. If we were all the same blogging wouldn't be quite as much fun...

I'm curious to know what you think about it! If you read the other post, come on back and share your opinions!

Sherry <3


Mariah said...

I agree a book blogger is a book blogger. Whether I am from the US or the UK!

Christina / Book Addict said...

WOW! That post you are referring to is controversial and rather bias. I agree with you 100%. What's up with all the negativity lately in the blogosphere? I won't even dignify her post with a response. It mades me sad I guess.

Unknown said...

Totally agree with you. Book blogging should be fun, not political. Who cares where you blog from?

Anonymous said...

I agree with this. I like to promote my blog and so do a lot of other people. I don't see whats wrong with it too. I know plenty of British book bloggers who promote their own blog, so what about them? Why do ALL British bloggers have to be so...not-over-the-top? I'm sure there are a lot of AMERICAN bloggers who aren't all over the top!!

Katie said...

I totally agree with you. I don't think it should matter where you live. If you love books and want to blog about it, nobody should try and stop that. I self promote my blog. So what? It's the way that people find out about new books and fun stuff like that. I don't think I am over-the-top about it and I don't think that about any of the other blogs I read, like yours.

Great post and thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Unknown said...

WOW. I cant believe someone posted that. Yeah so "us Americans" like to celebrate wat we get. So wat? You dont see us ranting about how "UK people" are ... Sure some of us like to talk about personal things on our book blogs. Your point? If you just want to talk about books, thats great. You do that. But dont talk about "us"

A Life Bound By Books said...

Hey Sherry,

Thanks so much for this post and for giving us the link to where the idea for your post came from. I'm actually pretty upset by that other bloggers view, point being that I'm married to a British boy. I love the UK and all things in it including the people. For her to lump all brits into ONE collective group AND for her to speak for a whole country is only part of what grated on my nerves.

I never look to see where a fellow blogger is from, well not right away. It's not something that's of HUGE importance to me. I mean it's cool to get to meet and get to know people from all over the world and all walks of life, but that's not what makes me read a blog or not. It's the content that does it. It's if I connect with a person's posts and what they are reading that peak my interest.

The generalizations this person... and in many ways - sadly a fellow book blogger used were uncalled for and rude. If you choose to have an opinion on something at least let it be YOUR OWN and at least speak for yourself.

Sorry for this little rant, but that whole thing really bothered me.

Thanks for sharing.

AnAddictedBookReader said...

Wow just read the original post on the subject, and I was VERY shocked by what I read. I don't agree at all with what the blogger said, but I do agree with a lot of what you said. It doesn't really matter where you blog from, but I do understand it makes more sense to read blogs from your own country because they post books you know and have heard of.

Really blogging is just supposed to be fun. It shouldn't be full of people bringing up all the things wrong with blogging, and I wish everyone would just blog for fun about books or whatever they want. If you don't like the blog or appreciate their way of's simple, don't follow their blog. Alright, I'm done now but one last thing: I'm tired of all the rants (yours is good :D ) about this and that... I wish everyone would just get along : )

My Book Barn said...

Well put! I agree...a blogger, is a blogger, is a blogger! Good for your for speaking you mind!

Charmaine Clancy said...

Agreed. I'm hosting a book giveaway, and I specify it's only for followers (and I'm Australian). I think it's all personal preferences.

Unknown said...

WOW, that's crazy - I am totally with you, I have NO idea where probably 99% of the bloggers I read come from, nor do I care - I love there blogging, love what they have to say and that's pretty much that...that's just WOW - makes me so sad, and with whom ever said what's with all the negitives going on in the blogosphere I gotta agree... :(

Natalie said...

Oh wow...that was a bit ridiculous. Personally, I'm blog buddies with bloggers from all over the world, and I find it kind of offensive that someone decided to bash an entire nation of people. The truth is, while there may be some "over the top" American bloggers, that doesn't make us all that way, and the same can be said for UK bloggers, Australians, etc. You can't generalize that much and be correct. It's just not a valid argument.

Sherry said...

Thanks for all the support guys! Glad I didn't overreact and thanks for thinking my rant was good! hehe! :)

Wings said...

hmmm, im austrlian so i will be waiting for the UK vs Aussie blogs lol, maybe they will mention our convict roots? as a way of grabbing as many books as possible?

i find it musing when i come across people who are so small minded, i met one today myself. They think that because they say so, they must be right.

I can think of a fair few uk blogs that i love, and us, as well as aussie. Now because im biased, i followed as many aussies as i could find...then deleted a few becasue of poor quality. it doesnt matter where you're from, that doesnt make you a good/bad loud/quiet blogger. thats partially racist to say that.

you can't generalize like that, it's just so...wrong.

and to be perfectly honest, yeah yanks are loud but we have a lot of poms over here and they are just as loud if not louder in some cases. its the person your dealing with, not the heritage.

cindysloveofbooks said...

Thanks for sharing this info very interesting.

I don't think I have ever gone to a blog and based my opinion on where they are from. To be a blogger is a blogger no matter where they are from. If I like your blog I follow and if I don't like it then I move along.

Anyways thanks for sharing this with us cause I have heard a few things about this going around and was curious to see what it was.

I like your blog and enjoy reading it. I base this on the blog and not where your from :)

Lenore Appelhans said...

I saw the contraversy on twitter last night, but no one linked so I couldn't figure out what they were talking about. Thanks for providing the link.

Since she has posted an apology today, it seems that she realizes now that to post something like that was a serious lapse in judgement.

Ky said...

Pshaw! What the heck man? Uhm excuse me but I know some VERY loud people from the UK. *rolls eyes* And like everyone doesn't self-promote. We blog because we love it, not to win a popularity contest. Geeze. That is horribly ridiculous. I'd rather be a loud mouth annoying American any day. :P

Blueicegal ♥ said...

HAHAHAHHA kay that would be me, im from the uk what in the world does the country a person comes from have to do anything at all with a blogger i just dont see it?, who cares whoes from where, where bloggers who love to read and blog simple as god i dont get some people yeh im glad for the apology at least she realised that she may have offended

Manda said...

I enjoy self promoting! And I'm an Aussie hehe But seriously I come across some great blogs by doing it and now have some awesome followers I wouldn't of known about before.

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