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Just a rant about my horrible day.

(i <3 penguins)

Yes this rant is nothing important, so if you don't want to read me going on and on about how crappy a day I had then I won't be mad if you totally ignore this post.

But it was a very crappy day.

My dog, for some reason only wakes up me when she has to go potty. Never my boyfriend. Why can't I just sleep in once?? I ask her but she never answers... (I still love her though).

I totally forgot to mark my calandar for Lauren Oliver's book signing today, which was only 1 hour and 55 minutes away from where I live! It was supposed to be my first signing ever! But NO! I didn't remember until I saw a tweet about it, thought OMG YES I still have 2 hours to get there, perfect. And then my hopes were crushed when I realized I was sitting at my brothers computer which is an hour behind. I even called the Barnes & Noble in Kingston and asked how long the signing would be, because I still wanted to go and the lady said about 45 minutes. I wasn't going to drive 2 hours if there was a chance it would be over. I mean I don't drive further than Albany so going 2 hours where I would probably get lost is saying a lot! But it didn't happen anyways so whatever.

Then... I was hoping to at least get something in the mail to cheer me up a little, and the only thing the mailman brought me today was bills. Why, thank you mailman, I would love to pay these!

If that wasn't bad enough... My mom and I were supposed to go to Applebees because she knew I was kinda bummed about missing my first author signing. Well, I went with her to my grams, so she could feed her horse, and she had completely forgotten that she told my Gram she was eating dinner there tonight. It wouldn't have been a problem but my Gram had bought extra food to make for my mother, and I wasn't going to be a selfish brat and make her waste it. Plus I knew my mom really wanted to stay for my Gram's homemade fries. I ended up reading Before I Fall on my Gram's bed and falling asleep while they all ate dinner.

Suffice to say I never ate. It's 8:00 here and I didn't eat dinner. I'm starving..... what should I eat?

Oh yea AND my laptop charger sucks. I want to throw it across my room because it doesn't work. I have to move the cord one hundred times until it's in the perfect place so it will work, and when you've already had a bad day and you got to do absoultely nothing you wanted to on your day off, and you can't get your charger to work so you can get on the compy... it's quite frustrating. Like very frustrating.

So i'm sulking. But actually I feel kind of better after that rant. ....weird.

Thanks for listening to me bitch about my stupid shallow problems!

(I think I'll make my mom watch Lost, forcing her to get addicted to my newest addiction might make me feel better.... *muahahahah*)

Sherry <3


Kari (Flamingo1325) said...

Awww! Im sorry your day was so bad. it sucks when its all these small things at once and it just builds and makes it awful. Major props on not being a brat about the dinner thing... and is your comp under warranty? It sounds like a motherboard problem with the charger- my old lappy did that. Twice. They replaced the motherboard. If you still need to rant and get sympathy... you know where to find me. <3

Corrine said...

Awwww! Sorry to hear you had a bad day Sherry! It sucks when everything conspires against you eh? Here's hoping tomorrow is better for you. Definitely get lost in Lost ;). Who knows, maybe your Mom will find it's her newest addiction! :)

Dianne K. Salerni said...

It does sound like a rotten day! LOST is probably a good antidote. No matter what happens, you're better off than that gang! And whether you are Team Sawyer or Team Jack, you'll at least have something nice to look at while you watch!

misskallie2000 said...

I feel for you. My day started last night with nausa, went to bed then woke up and ran for bathroom, nothing in stomach to toss up but I did anyway. Back to bed w/headache. Woke up and back to bath room also pain in tummy so drank mylanta to get rid of pain. Back to bed then up again and tossed Mylanta. Still dizzy so back to bed woke up to alarm at 8am to go see CPA and hopefully get good news and will not have to pay so much. So mad at myself. Retired and did not get things done I should have and it is back to bite me. No great news but will know damage soon. Stop with daughter to eat and then could not eat. Came home got on puter and was still dizzy and nausous ate 3 saltines and went to bed. Nap for 2 hrs up and still dizzy and hungry. Ate bowl of grits and blogged. Then decided the day was shot and i'm going to bed early..Every one has bad days so just hang in there and it will get better.LOL
It really does make you feel better if you talk or write about your bad days, so just write to us and we will listen. I promise
My cat gets to hear me rant about my bad days.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Kelsey said...

I completely understand about your bad day! I have many of those! My solution: sit back with a big mug of coffee and read a book to get my mind off my day!

My computer charger does the same thing! Except that sometimes it refuses to charge all the way and stalls at 75%. Urrrrgh...

LOVE the penguin picture at the top of your post. I emailed it to my mom and sister because I was laughing so hard. lol

Jemi Fraser said...

Ranting always helps a little. Lost should help even more. Hopefully tomorrow's brighter :)

robby (once upon a book blog) said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad day...we all do. There are highs and lows and sometimes things just don't work out.
They will soon. :]

Addicted Book Reader said...

Aww I'm sorry all that happened! That totally sucks you missed the signing, that would have been so much fun : ( Oh and Lost is freakin awesome!!!

Cleverly Inked said...

Darn those stinkin BILLS!

Lily Child said...

Aw, I am sorry about your bad day. I would have been upset to! Hope today was better!

DL Hammons said...

That does sound like a SUCKY day. Sorry. But its just one out of thousands and thousands laid out before you. CTRL-ALT-DEL and start again tomorrow. :)

YA Vampire Books said...

That sucks. I hope your LOST plan worked though!

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